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How to Find New Guest Blogging Opportunities

Guest blogging is more popular than ever with businesses that are trying to build brand awareness. Whether a professional is new to guest blogging or has accomplished it in the past, though, it can be difficult to know where to go next with their efforts. Without the right tools and techniques, a business leader may waste time creating guest posts that don’t get results.

By taking time to educate yourself on the process of finding, writing, and optimizing your guest post opportunities, you’ll be able to see dramatic results from your efforts. Here are a few different ways you can find guest blogging opportunities. They can be used independently or in combination.


Identify Influencers

“Influencers” are defined as those who have a large audience, whether it’s specific to their blog readership, social media followers, or a combination of both. If you can locate these people, your post will likely be seen by a large audience, increasing the chance that it will lead to conversions. You can use a tool like GuestPost  or Traackr to find relevant influencers that fit your needs. Once you’ve identified a core group of influencers to target, start by sending an outreach email that introduces yourself and your topic. It’s important to place the emphasis on how your perspective can help their online followers, rather than trying to sell yourself and your business purpose to them. Consider that each influencer likely sees a regular influx of requests, so you’ll need to do your research and personalize each message to stand out.


Pitch Top Sites

There’s no shortage of high-profile sites that allow guest posts. The key is to identify those sites that are likely to appeal to your own target market. This list of more than 50 sites is a great start, but it’s important to narrow the options down to those that best suit your needs. Each site has its own set of submissions guidelines that you’ll need to follow if you want to qualify. You’ll also find that some sites pay a small fee to guest bloggers. In addition to building brand awareness, you’ll also be able to add these impressive sites to your own bio as a professional, which could lead to more guest-blogging opportunities, as well as helping you establish thought leadership in your field.



Don’t discount the benefit of guest blogging on your colleagues’ blogs. In fact, you may find that associates will eagerly host you in exchange for the opportunity to guest post on your blog at a later date. Even if an associate has a small audience, there’s SEO value in the external links directed to your site. You’ll also each promote the post on your own social media, potentially gathering new followers in the process. As an additional benefit, you’ll strengthen your business relationships through the experience, which could possibly lead to more opportunities to work together.


Monitor Industry Posts

What are others in your industry posting? Where are they posting it? Services like Mention send alerts whenever your brand is mentioned online. You can also set it to monitor for mentions of your products, services, competitor names, industry-specific keywords, or any other terms you might find relevant. This can be a great way to identify blogs that are regularly posting on topics in your area of expertise. Combine this with a tool like SimilarWeb, which provides insights on the sites you’re visiting directly in your web browser. In addition to these insights, you can also use this tool to find similar sites, which will possibly lead you to blogs you hadn’t previously considered for your guest posts. When you find a popular site that fits, you can begin to prepare your pitch for a blog post. In addition to setting up monitoring services, you should also consistently search for potential influencers within your industry to follow on social media, paying attention to what they’re sharing. This could lead you to other popular blog posts in the same industry.

Guest blogging can help you network, reach new customers, and build general brand awareness. It’s important to strategize your efforts to avoid wasting time on blogs with limited or irrelevant readership. As a result of planning your efforts, you’re likely find you’re seeing positive results from each guest post you place.