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5 Most-Viewed Videos from ICMA's 2016 YouTube Channel

In case you didn't know, ICMA has a YouTube channel and you can subscribe to it! It's a place where we house our member spotlight videos, share insight from events like our Regional Summits and Annual Conference, as well as address the needs and issues of local governments and professionals serving communities globally. 

The top five videos on our YouTube Channel, based on 2016 views, are:

1. Marc Ott Addresses Membership at ICMA 2016 Annual Conference

Why you should watch it: In his heartfelt, first-time address to ICMA membership, Executive Director Marc Ott shares the personal journey that led him to his new role. 

2. ICMA Women in the Local Government Management Profession

Why you should watch it: This video shares some of the key issues and challenges facing women in the local government profession.

3. ICMA Works for California... And For You

Why you should watch it: Hear what local government professionals from California have to say about the value of being a member at ICMA.

4. Member Spotlight: Pamela Weir

Why you should watch it: Assistant to the city manager of Goodyear, Arizona, discover how Pamela Weir found a passion for local government, hear her biggest challenges, and advice for others looking to enter the profession.

5. Member Spotlight: Julie Thuy Underwood

Why you should watch it: Listen to the advice that Julie Thuy Underwood gives to women considering and succeeding the profession as well as the importance of finding a mentor for career planning.

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