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Social Recruiting and Using Digital Marketing for Talent Acquisition

Job hunting isn’t what it used to be—for the recruiters or the candidates. Social media and digital marketing has drastically changed how we hire, look for jobs, and sometimes even fire. It’s a natural progression as we change the way we communicate in general, although there are still some companies clinging to old school methods of recruitment. It’s a strange phenomenon when, according to Mashable, over half of companies who use social media don’t have a social media strategy even while over 60 percent of adults in the US use at least one social media platform. In fact, we spend nearly one quarter of our time online on social networking, so you’d think companies would not just be on social media for recruiting and branding, but have a solid marketing plan in place.

Just because it seems like everyone and every business is on social media, that’s not the case. It takes awhile for mass adoption and even longer to figure out how to use technology the best way for an end goal. When it comes to talent acquisition, there are a handful of big trends spreading across a number of industries. For starters, hiring has become a lot more personal. HR managers have always prioritized people and relationships, and social media helps candidates and managers alike connect and see if there’s a right fit.

Social media lets candidates connect with recruiters and vice versa, but also lets them see where there are overlapping interests. It’s much easier to find a conversation starter on social media than in an in-person interview. Plus, finding common ground is so natural on social media that it doesn’t seem like an extra step at all.

Let’s Make One Thing Clear…

Social media helps to optimize transparency for all users. You become more self-aware on these platforms, and that goes for your branding efforts, too. Knowing you’re visible and everyone can see your actions and interests makes you aware that you could get feedback or a reaction at any time. There are fewer secrets with your strategies, which comes with pros and cons. It means everyone is up for more criticism.

You might think of social media for talent acquisition as a great tool for HR, but entrepreneurs and CEOs are also finding candidates here. It leads to a low cost per hire, it’s direct and it can happen fast. Startups especially like finding candidates on social media, but that doesn’t mean these efforts are easy. You still need a solid plan and marketing efforts including metrics, data collecting and identifying your target audience with social recruiting.

For businesses, using social means you’re advertising a job instead of a product. You’ll use content creation to do so, and in return you get measurable results. One of the best parts of social for job recruiting is that it’s so shareable, and you can double up your efforts by cross-posting on numerous platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. A wide network can be reached in just a few clicks, and you’re also tapping into social referrals which most experts agree is much more profitable than other sources.

When it comes down to it, social should be part of recruitment strategies, but not the whole shebang. There’s still a time, place and platform for other methods.