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6 Weeks in America through YSEALI Has Inspired Actions

After returning from 6 weeks learning in America through YSEALI program, Sinet has achieved the following results:

Sinet has shared key learning points to my youth leader and transferring important sources of documents- books and e-library books to director of YRDP which he can use them for the benefit of his organization as well as Youth Training Report on Civic Youth Engagement in Electoral Processes.

Sinet had a meeting with her director and transfer both soft and hard copy of documents.



Results of Youth Training

Youth is very active in asking questions to speakers. Adding to that, they discussed on what they can contribute in electoral processes as well as their future plan. A few youth want to run their own office in the future while the other youth is committed to go to register, vote and observe during election. They are willing to engage with youth organizations to learn more about election. More than that, they plan to do awareness raising campaign about election as well as to engage other youth to work as election observer like them. The most important points that youth have learned was that they know the reason why they should vote for which party after they weigh the policy of each political parties. One of participants, venerable Chao Chettana already raised about the importance of knowing the policy of each political parties with other youth groups before they decide to vote for which one of them. Two youth representatives, Ms. Nuon Nisa, a member of Konkhmer Author Writing Club and  venerable Chao Chettana and Moa Veasna, youth from YRDP were invited to speak at COMFREL radio talkshow on Youth and Election. Adding to the outcomes of this training, youth from this 13 groups start networking for their future project and they got the basic strategy how to engage youth in different programs especially on election processes. Below is the detailed information about the training.

Youth present about their actions regarding election.



Radio talk show on Youth Participation in Election Process. It was launched by COMFREL and lived on VOC radio.

There were 23 youth representatives from 13 different youth groups namely: Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) youth, Youth with disability, Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP), Pannasastra University of Cambodia (PUC) Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN), Feminist Group/ASEAN Youth Activist, Working Group for Peace (WGP), 2030 Youth Force Cambodia, Krobji Youth Group, Scholar Library Reading Club, Charity Cambodia, Konkhmer Author Writing Club and Youth for Youth attended youth training on “Civic Youth Engagement in Election Processes” on the 26th November 2016 at Scholar Library. This training was initiated by a young woman from Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) who is a Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative (YSEALI) and International City/County Management Association (ICMA) young professional fellow, Ms Sinet SEAP, awarded by the States government of America to learn about Civic Youth Engagement in Electoral Processes at Brennan Center for Justice at New York University of Law, New York City, the US. Sinet has worked closely with Scholar Library Youth, Soklak and Athika to make this training happened. This training was sponsored by Scholar Library, Youth Resource Development Program and the individual funders from line ministries. This training aims to engage and prepare young women and young men including young LGBT, HIV and AIDs and people live with disability to participate actively in the electoral processes in the Commune Council Election and National Assembly Election 2017 and 2018 respectively. Sinet opened remarks by introducing the rational goals and the important of the program then there were youth peace messenger band, 3 speakers to interact with youth and youth group discussion.

  • Mr. Kong Udom, Youth Peace Messenger Band from YRDP sang a song, Youth Commitment with the key message: Youth got the key message onyouth are the key agents for long-term development. Young women and men have to study and involve in society work through doing volunteer work. More than that, we, the Cambodian youth has news in hands with creative ideas. We are proud and happy in volunteering because have contributed to sustain development. Current society as well as in any circumstances, needs committed and active youth for helping their community and development. 

    Peace messenger band are playing a song on Youth Commitment.

  • Mr. YOEURNG Sotheara: LL.M/MCL, University of Delhi India, Law Instructor/Lecturer at PUC/UC and a staff at COMFREL, presented the topic on Youth Rights and Election Law. Youth understood about youth rights and democratic rights especially Cambodian rights and freedom from Cambodian constitution article 31, 34, 41, 42 and 45 on Cambodian nations have rights to vote and to be voted, freedom of speech, freedom to make association or political parties, and the obligation to develop the country respectively. More than that, youth know  was inspired by and aware about their vital roles in electoral processes. The understand on how to  become rights and responsibility of electoral observer plus the channel to engage in this work.

    Law expert is presenting about youth and democratic rights in Cambodia.

  • Ms. Sinet SEAP, YRDP active alumni member of YRDP/ Young Southeast Asia Leadership Initiative Professional Fellow (YSEALI) transferred key knowledge ideas that she has learned when she was working with Brennan Center for Justice and New York University of Law on Civic Youth Engagement in Electoral Processes in America. Firstly, Youth Blue Print with Roosevelt Institute where youth from different universities can engage in politics and their voice will influence on the politicians well. Secondly, Election Protection projects of Brennan Center for Justice at New York University (NYU) where I can learn how nonpartisan organizations help to solve the nation’s problems especially the voters as much as possible. The last part youth learned about what they can contribute to their society in the coming election consider and study more about it before we start to implement in our own country as we are in the process of election. These two learning points can be used by individuals, youth group and civil society to help their people and government with election process. More than that, this process helps us to hold our government more account to its people. 

    YSEALI Young Professional Fellow, Sinet presented about youth engagement in politics in America.

  • Ms. Mao Kolap, Library Director of Pangnasastra University of Cambodia (PUC). She is also a focal person of American Corner at PUC who shared about How  to Use and Access Information. Youth learned how to evaluate sources of information. For instance, youth got  basic information on which kind of news are fact or opinion writing. Further more, they learn the ways of searching documents from different sources. 

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