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Closing the book: Personal Reflection

It is glorious to perceive the actuality of local government’s performance for the community prosperities and observe how people are interacting and contributing for the social welfare. I am so delighted to be hosted in this community, learn from all the experiences I was going through, and link all the five Es in the sustainability concept from own understanding. However, from this study, I have also learnt about some other challenges in this City such as- affordable housing, public transportation, diversity, young people engagement, startup empowerment, and continuous tourism development.                      

The most challenging issue here is public transportation, but because this is in the regional plan, we do hope this will be done soon to ensure the connectivity and convenience for higher growth. As a result, tourism development will get advantage from this through a more convenient accessibility and more effective resource mobility in this city. Moreover, according to the increase of affordable accommodation, inflow of human resources and project developers will be in a big scale too. Another factor is diversity which is very typical in US context but not here in Middleton. Diversity is not all about negativity, but in some extend, it boosts up the creativity and innovation in the community. However, more young people should be encouraged to involve in social projects and startups if possible, and there should be a business linkage between the young talented people who want to become an entrepreneur with the angel investors or any venture capitalists who desires for investment. This is also a solution to deal with the lack of employment for the local graduates and unemployed people. After all, the initiatives in tourism development will be further strengthened, and the economic benefit inflow will be obtained.

Once again, it is my great opportunity to learn more from this community on how things have been developed throughout the years and what next should be in progress in its milestones. There are many lessons for me to bring back; and more importantly, the communication and interaction with people here is foremost important for me to understand how they are living and what the real quality of livelihood is. It is such a big honor to be welcomed by our hosts and Middleton people in everyday schedule, guided to almost every corner of the city and beyond, supported to acquire knowledge and experience during this long walk, and taken a good care in this healthy, enjoyable moment. I am thankful and grateful for what they gave and supported us during a journey of learning and exploring. It is hard to say goodbye, but it is harder once I realize I need to leave where I used to be, whom I used to meet, and what I used to enjoy. Time just goes by, and these memories are still alive. Until we meet again!    

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