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E 4 of sustainability: Social Equity

I was staying in Middleton city for four weeks, and one thing I can observe is how people treat each other here, and I am amazed by how they could embrace each other to be more inclusive in most circumstances without a barrier of hierarchy. It is true that US has a bit low context in working culture, and here I truly witness it by seeing the real  nature of merit-based society which gives equal chance and fair treatment to everyone. Nobody is left behind in any situation.

One of the factors focuses on role and responsibility of the local authority and community. In the implementation of democracy and good governance, City staff from different political parties are responsible in their roles and obligation to fulfill the job. People in the community are working, having fun, and enjoying life with each other without any discrimination regardless of their different economic, social, and political status. Everyone is fair to receive information, public service and treatment for the good existence.

Pointing at the fair treatment, I remember about some important points. First, there is a senior center which helps enrich the life quality of the seniors and the people surround them. This center helps facilitate the seniors to get accessed to the service they want. There are some indoor and outdoor events and programs provided for the enjoyment and satisfaction of the seniors in their age. They can come to join as the senior community and enjoy the experience of creating things and selling stuff for charity and their profit too. The center provides educational and recreational opportunities for seniors by helping provide the kind of healthcare, transportation, civic activities, and support services vital for senior living. Secondly, it is about special education, which is a special care for students who are in disability. As mentioned in the E1 (Education), this special education equips disable students to deal with their daily lives by helping improve their life quality. There are even the agencies supporting the employment of those students too. Students are receiving a good care and fair treatment in social and economic accessibility and livelihood. All of this shows how this community is adding value of social welfare to all people equally, despites their disparity in some extend.

To go out of this city a bit farther, we experience another essence by joining Dane County Association Strategic Planning Retreat which is about to happen once per five years; indeed it was an exciting meeting. We were welcomed by the members of DCA members to join the discussion about the SWOT analysis of the region and the organization. I was in Strength analysis team discussion. I was so enthusiastic to demonstrate my intellectual understanding as a contribution in team discussion. Through the idea exchange, I gained a lot from the seniors working in each area, and what I am delighted is my voice was heard regardless of my age, years of experience, nationality, and profession. This was a big motivation for me to participate more from a tremendous experience in the spirit of open environment!

In a short explanation, social equity is rooted from the federal level, state level, and to the local level through policy and actual social belief and culture. Its image will show up upon the public service delivery, daily attitude in livelihood, community engagement, local government’s performance, and information accessibility. People feel motivated to share and contribute what they want to advocate in development. This is also a joint of good governance and transparency.

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