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Opening the Book: Landing in the New Land

Having never imagined we are spotted at this “Good Neighbor City” in “America’s Diary Land”. Middleton is a city in Dane County, Wisconsin, United States. It is a north-western suburb of the state capital, Madison. Middleton was named in 2011 as one of Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live” in America, with more than 25 percent of the city’s land mass is “green space”.



Middleton viewed from flight

It was such our great pleasure to get to know our hosts and be warmly welcomed. We really appreciate it at a max. Also, that was a big surprise to see name and national flag of both of us on a banner shown in front of us once we stepped down at the airport, and later that banner was hung right in front of the Middleton City Hall. We were well known by everyone in this community by name, of course.


Warm welcome from our hosts at the airport

The welcome reception was held at the Club House. We were welcomed by the City Mayor and City Hall staff, talking about our country and profession. The environment was so friendly and welcoming. I could not stop thinking how to interact with them properly. It is even nice that our hotel is easily accessed as it is near the City Hall and other restaurants, shops, and residential areas.


Our welcome reception at the Club House

The first week was quite busy but amazing. We were joining lots of meetings and visiting lots of places. Through the gatherings and visits, we have learned how this community is being developed and engaged with the residents here. We were invited to witness what they are progressing and how they are dealing with the issues. Well, more welcoming lunches and dinners were continuously existing. There were more to come, and the best awaited.

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