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3 Key Learning Points

I was placed in Brennan Center for Justice and New York University (NYU) where I have participate in different meeting such as staff meeting, Democracy team meeting to learn about Election and Protection, and Money and Politics, and Communication team meeting. Those meetings allowed me to learn the best practices of our work in helping to solve the nation’s problem through we way to try to fix the systems.  Adding to that, I attended exchange discussions with different groups of civil societies such as Rooselvet Institute, Citizen Union and Open Society Foundation who work on civic engagement at different levels.  Furthermore, I have completed online learning on Leading Change and Engage Men in Gender Equality. I also got chance to observe the electoral processes at the pulling station during the Presidential Election, the 8th November 2016 in New York City. I have written blogs and managing my youth project on Civic Youth Engagement in Electoral Processes after I returns to my country. Adding to my professional work, I have a good rapport with our staff to learn and explore the American culture. My time in the US has helped to enhance and enrich her professional expertise in my field which helps me more effective and useful to Cambodian people, especially youth. 

The 3 Important Key Learning Points during my stay at Brennan Center for Justice at NYU of Law are:

1. Election Protection

2. The Youth Blue Print

3. Election

I have shared details about this three points with youth from 10 ASEAN countries during a workshop with ICMA and with youth leader from ASEAN and Europe during the congress day at Washington D.C in the last week of YSEALI program. More than that, I have shared and transfered important resources both hard and soft copies to the director of Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) where he can place those materials for youth in Youth Learning Center. Please stay tune on what I have learned in details plus what I have shared during the congress to around 300 emerging leader from 124 countries.

Presentation to ASEAN youth at ICMA office.

Youth leaders from ASEAN and Europe.



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