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Local Gov Life, Podcast Episode 5: The Opioid Epidemic

Local Gov Life is a mix of stories, insights, and advice from local government leaders. Host Rob Carty, ICMA Director, Career Services and Next Generation Initiatives, provides the narrative that guides you through each episode. Check out all past episodes here.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more people in the United States died from drug overdoses in 2014 than in any previously recorded year, and 61 percent of all overdose deaths involved opioids. Episode 5 of ICMA’s popular podcast series  looks at how communities use collaboration and innovation as effective tools for responding to the current crisis. 


The first segment features 2016 ICMA President and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, City Manager, Lee Feldman, who represents ICMA on the City-County National Task Force on the Opioid Epidemic. 


The episode continues with Patrice Harris, MD, chairwoman of the American Medical Association Board of Directors, who describes her experiences working in the public and private medical fields. Dr. Harris shares her thoughts on the opioid crisis and the approach local governments should take. 

Brent Fedors

The final segment features Brent Fedors, county administrator, Gloucester County, Virginia,  who discusses how his community developed an innovative online resource,, and an app, “Sink or Swim,” to help educate the public on how to access addiction help and live a drug-free life.


 The inspiration for this episode is based on the October PM Magazine cover story, Leading the Fight Against the Opioid Crisis, by Geoff Beckwith, executive director, Massachusetts Municipal Association.