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Survey Kick-Off: ENERGY STAR Score a Possibility for Stadiums and Arenas

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) ENERGY STAR program is working with stadium and arena owners, the Green Sports Alliance, and other federal agencies on an effort that could lead to the creation of a new 1—100 ENERGY STAR score for sports venues. A score would allow stadiums and arenas to compare themselves against each other on energy and water use and earn ENERGY STAR certification for top performance.

Over the past two decades, the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program has helped consumers and building owners identify top-performing products and buildings that have led to improvements in energy and water use nationwide.  Now, there is an opportunity to develop an ENERGY STAR® score that would allow stadium and arena owner and operators to see how well their venues compare against their peers when it comes to energy and water use.  In other words, a score will help this building type better get in the game.

To develop a score, EPA needs the assistance of sports venues throughout the United States to provide energy and water data used in their facility from 2015. As part of that effort, the National Institute of Building Sciences has prepared a survey with extensive industry feedback and specific guidance from EPA's ENERGY STAR® Program. The findings from this survey will help identify opportunities to reduce energy and water use, save money, and potentially develop an ENERGY STAR® score and certification for stadiums and arenas.

Are you a stadium or arena owner or operator?  Take the Energy and Water Efficiency of Stadium and Arenas Survey!

Participation in this survey is easy! You will be asked to upload energy and water data; you can upload the data directly from Portfolio Manager, or provide the data in a spreadsheet.

EPA is working with the National Institute of Building Sciences and the DOE on this survey.

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