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The green power switch – Make the switch to help bring more renewable energy to the valley.

The green power switch is a program introduced and implemented by the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority) to bring more clean and green power to the Tennessee Valley. Like any revolutionary idea, the idea behind the Green Power Switch is simple; harness the natural power of the wind, the sun and the earth to create an energy source that’s usable in our everyday lives. The program encourages citizens and participants helping to pay for renewable energy that will be used throughout the service area.

Renewable energy for Green Power is provided by:

-          Solar power: All sites in all corners of the Valley, the sun’s energy is collected in solar panels. Green Power Switch solar sites are installed at public locations across the region to provide individuals the opportunity to see solar power.

-          Wind power: High atop Buffalo Mountain in East Tennessee, a wind farm is keeping the winds of change blowing. The 260-foot tall turbines of the wind farm use the natural power of the wind to turn the large blades, which are attached to the shaft of an electric generator. It is the first commercial-scale use of wind power to generate electricity in the southeastern United States. In addition to Buffalo Mountain, there are more than a dozen small-scale wind installations owned by customers who are participating in TVA’s Generation Partners program.


Electrical lines connect wind turbine from top to local electrical grid



Wind turbines on top of Buffalo Mountains


-          Biomass power: Energy from methane gas is produced by co-firing methane collected from a wastewater treatment facility in Memphis at TVA’s Allen Fossil Plant. Generation Partner participants have increased the amount of biomass energy supported by Green Power switch customers in the region. In the event that additional supply is needed throughout the year, other eligible biomass fuel sources may be used to contribute to supply as well.

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