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Owensville Primary Care- No Neighbor Shall Go Without Needed Healthcare

"If you visit Maryland, you have no idea what to do but you need something to remember about this place, being sick is one of your choice and you will never forget Maryland". I though that I put scary expression in my face when Bob said it but then we laughed together. According to Bob, Maryland provides the best medical services in the US and  it's worth a try. Uh well I do want to visit medical services in Maryland particularly the primary care but not for taking medication anyway..
Since Health Department was closed on election day, Bob arranged another agenda for me. Visiting primary care in rural area of Southern Anne Arundel County was one of my agenda for that day (he really tried to fulfil my wish list, thanks Bob!) . I went to Owensville Primary Care (OPC), located in Owensville road. my first impression of OPC was "it does not look like health facility in rural area!!!" (uh well I compare it with my country tho!).  I met Sharon Widmann, chief operating officer, and she explained to me about OPC. OPC is a non profit community health centre, established in the late 60' and was started by the Community Action Agency. OPC has developed significantly for over forty years and recently OPC delivers many health services to the community. For example: internal and family medicine; behavioral health; eligibility/enrollment; and care management service in a Patient Centered Medical Home Environment. Although the majority of services offered by OPH are medication/treatment, OPH also runs some prevention programs for example, flu shots and non-communicable diseases screening during the OPC health fair. OPH services can be acessed by everyone, regardless of their ability to pay. During my short visit, I also had opportunity to attend their lunch meeting (and I had free lunch yeay!) and discussed a bit with other staffs. We had a "hot" discussion about health insurance and I also shared about health insurance and health system in Indonesia.
In my point of view, OPC is a great primary health care since it provides complete services for everyone. One thing that impressed me, this health facility was initiated by community and until now it still belongs to community. It seems that the community is not only rely on the government, they also take actions to improve their health condition. A very good lesson learned. I would like to say thank you to Sharon and other staffs of OPC for the warm welcome and of course big thanks to my host, Bob:)




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