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Final Lap - Employee of the month

As days go by…this week is the final week for placement hosted by DowntownDC Business Improvement District. It’s enough knowledge and joy to bring back home, and share with all the colleague on the experiences.

From attending meeting, function and volunteer for programs, the tacit knowledge and the experiences is priceless. Learning on the governance of the BID and the linkages between local and federal government, it is lot more to learn and explore. Moreover, Washington DC is slightly different, neither a district nor a state. As such, its unique approach and linkages towards government are more close as it is a Federal Territory.


Employee of the month ceremony - also gathering for reflection, information and welfare attention.

Closing the placement with SAM Employee of the Month Ceremony on November 10th, are awesome. There are several SAMs are looking forward to the award and reward. The celebration give an utmost recognition and motivation for the SAMs to work harder and help people on the streets within downtown. The Red’s and White’s shirt are ready to serve you in the downtown to make the place easy to live, work and play. They are also being introduced and briefed on something new in every meeting to take care of their welfare – and this time the Inova Employee Assistant. Providing some assistant in legal, financial and consultancy.

FRESHFARM of the white house

The FRESHFARM of the White House - opportunity for farmer to market their products.

On the other hand, I get the chance to walk around Fresh Farm Market organized by DowntownDC BID. The events take place at two different times at two different places on every Thursday; one at noon at White House-City Center DC; and another at afternoon in Penn Quarter. This is the platform provided for the farmer especially the organic farmer to market their products in the city.

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