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Living and Leaving Denver

Two days to go and I'll soon bid Denver goodbye. I must say that in my 2 and a half weeks of stay here, I have learned not only about food safety, but laso about the people who take pride in living here. Who would not enjoy living here when you live in a metropolitan area that is  just 30 minutes away from the foot of Rocky Mountain?  

Americans, or at least the people of Denver like small talks. They make jokes to people they barely know. I think it's quite interesting how they can easily open up to people and talk about their daily lives. I attended a council meeting in Denver and noticed how personal experiences are used as a support or an argument in passing an ordinance. 

It was also interesting to witness how fast the votes were counted. In less than a day, a winner was decided. In Denver, you can actually vote days before th actual date. Since there are several ways to vote, no one needs to take the day off unless they want to personally appear at a precinct office. 

The way in which the voting count system works is pretty interesting. Each state has a number of electoral votes assigned, which depends on the population of the state. In Colorado, there are nine electoral votes. The one who gets the most number of votes would get the electoral votes of the state. It was quite exciting to watch how it all unfolds. We were glued to our TV sets until our eyes can no longer function. Even though we are watching from our television, it is still quite surreal to be in United States while the world watches with us. Most of the people I have spoken to would say that this is their most controversial elections so far. I am happy to be part of that history.

I am thankful to the people of Denver, especially to my host at the Department of Environmental Health for sharing with me their food safety system, for readily answering my questions, and for treating me to lunch everyday. I look forward to the day of meeting you all again. 


Mark Johnuel Duavis

Im excited for Denver. Thank you for this blog post

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