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Come visit Oregon, don’t stay

This statement is one of the phenomenal publicly voiced from Tom McCall, Oregon’s chef executive from 1967 to 1975. I feel like the Oregonians and the governments in state and local level agree and approve this statement into strict regulation in land use management.

mccall portrait in Oregon state building

Mccall portrait in State of Oregon Building


This is also answering my curiosity about the negative comments that come out from outsider . I read many articles before my departure in U.S about Oregon. Mostly, I read about the negativity of Oregon because the difficulties to find jobs and high taxes in the property.

Now I know and understand why!

During my placement in Oregon, I have a chance to visit and see the real beauty of Oregon which made me speechless. This state has put environmental protection ahead of economic growth to keep its beauty.

Clear Lake 2     FISH LAKE 2

                                    Clear Lake                                                Fish Lake


Sahalie waterfalls 2    Sahalie water falls 2

Sahalie Waterfalls




Oregon has done a good job in land use management. In the state level, they have a strict regulation about city limit and urban growth boundaries (UGB). In my opinion, Urban Growth Boundaries are a green belt for each city in Oregon.

Well, every decision has trade off. This policy will limit the industry and business to grow significantly which may lead to lack of jobs and prevent people from coming. On the other hand, Oregon has provided a comfortable and safe place to live in. This is the perfect place to learn about sustainable cities within its quality of life. No regulation is perfect. Oregon has taught me that no win-win solution in achieving sustainable city development goal. Keep ahead on environmental protection or nothing at all. All of this depends on your dream and goal to achieve in the future.

Oregonians have successfully kept Oregon beauty since a long time.

Please keep beautiful as you are! Hopefully, I can make a visit again to this state.


Wes Hare
Wes Hare said

Hi Meilsi,
Governor McCall has been gone for many years and while I think preserving the natural assets of the state remains a high priority, I'm not sure we've really discouraged new residents. Oregon consistently ranks either at or near the top of states experiencing in-migration. The goal is to accommodate growth without giving up what we love most about the place.

Meilsi Mansula

Meilsi Mansula

Well, I hear about that also, the number of migration has been increasing in Oregon, but to some extent, I think, the government still keep alive the McCall's vision until now. Well, hopefully!
I do believe government and its resident now has also done a good job to prevent all of the green space this far. even though the migration keep bombardier Oregon nothing significantly change

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