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Research behind the food industry development

Obviously, food industries in US has influenced the worldwide food industries for several decades. However, sometimes people don’t know how the research work and involve to develop this industry. At the beginning of this week, I have visited Robert M. Kerr Food And Agricultural Product Center (FAPC) in Oklahoma State University , Stillwater, Oklahoma. As it is commonly known that Oklahoma plays a significant roles in American agriculture system. It becomes a great industries and evoke the local and national economy. Wheat and cattle are the most popular commodities, and currently sent to other states for the next process into the bakery, meat and other products that reach the consumers’ table.

The purpose of the Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center is to help develop successful value-added enterprises in Oklahoma - to bring the products, the jobs, and the dollars back home. By offering large and small businesses, producers and entrepreneurs access to faculty and staff with expertise in business and technical disciplines, FAPC strives to discover, develop and deliver information that will stimulate and support the growth of value-added food and agricultural products and processing in Oklahoma (

During my half-day tour, I assisted by the Mandy Gross, Communication services manager of FAPC. She explained in detail of every single rooms as well as its functions. She showed each process where the food will undergo several steps before it’s finally consumed. For whole process, hygiene is placed as a top priority. They also placed high-quality-oriented product as the final orientation, before their product is launched in local and global market.

What I’ve learned from this tour is that research and development is a must and should be implemented regarding the food development. I hope that this valuable opportunity will help me to design a policy regarding food development in Indonesia, particularly in Makassar City.

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