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Election Day Prep Includes Keeping Voters and Poll Workers Safe

Some city and county election officials have added additional training in dealing with disruptive situations to their election day planning. Violence during the campaign cycle has put people on edge according to a Reuters poll so local governments have taken some additional safety steps for example:

  • In North Carolina, active shooter training has been added to election judge training for the first time. In addition, law enforcement officials have been asked to help keep advocacy groups within designated electioneering areas outside of polling places  
  • In Cuyahoga County, OH poll workers are getting training and handbooks that include for the first time a section on handling emergency situations.
  • A number of jurisdictions have reported increasing the number of poll workers in the event of large turnouts and the need for higher efficiency levels to keep crowd frustration levels down.
  • Many communities have spent additional funds on promoting early voting to keep crowds on November 8 as low as possible. In addition, communities are making the voting hours very clear and recommending getting to the polls early.
  • Nationwide, local governments have been initiating additional cybersecurity checks on voting machines after 20 states reporting hacking attempts.

Public safety and election officials are being careful not to overreact to the negative campaign rhetoric suggesting applying the same rules you would to any public gathering and asking citizens to be vigilant and report anything out of the ordinary.  


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