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Charlotte County, Peacocks, Salvador Dali – All in Florida!

Last week I visited several areas on Florida’s Gulf side. First of all, it was a pleasure to give orientation to one of the Alliance’s new members - Charlotte County. They’re working on some very interesting projects, one being Babcock Ranch – a 17,000 acre development that will be the first completely solar-powered community in the US, and with the largest photovoltaic power station in the world. As serious as this is, take a look at their fun side – Can’t Stop the Feeling.

Next on my stop was Longboat Key to visit with Dave Bullock, town manager. I was happy to hear that their peacock population has been reduced to a more manageable size (it was really quite a problem) and to learn that they have had only one reportable crime in the past three years – one of the safest place to live (and so very beautiful).

And to complete the work-life balance for my trip to Florida, while in St. Petersburg, I had lunch with Alliance’s Senior Fellow and author Peter Kageyama and visited the Dali Museum. Definitely - two classics!!

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