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Consulting Services on the Knowledge Network

Local governments frequently rely on the services of external consultants. Their services often deliver expertise and cost efficiencies on new, unfamiliar projects or routine programs. Requests for information regarding consultants and their work are a common topic on the Knowledge Network. Recently asked questions include inquiries on consultants who evaluate fire departments and libraries, among others:

The Knowledge Network also offers many sample RFPs for consulting services.  See where other jurisdictions have used consulting services to assist in these projects:


Finance and Budgeting:




Citizen Surveys:

Community Outreach:

Zoning Ordinance:

Browse these and more in the Knowledge Network’s documents section by selecting “Request for Proposal” as the document type, or by searching for “consulting.”

If you have an RFP for consulting services that has served your local government well, share it with your peers by submitting it to the Knowledge Network.