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How to Get Hired in the Marketing Technology Industry

The good news: Getting hired in the marketing technology industry is like getting hired in any niche industry. The bad news: Well, getting hired in the marketing technology industry is like getting hired in any niche industry. However, these super niche, brand new(ish) job titles do have a distinct advantage (or disadvantage depending on how you see it) compared to others because a lot of HR managers, recruiters and hiring managers aren’t really sure what they’re looking for. Sometimes they decide to hire a martech expert because that was all the buzz at the last conference they attended. Sometimes they stumbled upon some great marketing technology and they need someone to actually manage it. Other times it’s a trickle down effect from some random executive meeting at a corporation and since it seems like everyone else in the industry is “doing it,” why not hire a martech pro?

The lack of knowledge, education and information in the industry means marketing technology candidates need to not just sell themselves—but teach their potential employers exactly what they do. The interview will likely be a lot more conversational than the classic hot seat questioning. The employer might focus heavily on a certain technology (even if it’s not the best fit for the company) or they might ask a lot of questions of the candidate because they’re still learning.

There’s no surefire way to nab any job, but there are definitely some best practices for marketing technology candidates. Think of it as white hat tricks, and never assume that the person hiring you knows anything about martech. It’s a delicate balance to educate while also seeming humble enough to be the newest hire.

If you’re in the trenches looking for your dream marketing job, start with these steps:

  • Look on the right job boards: Location matters, especially when you’re trying to find your perfect match professionally. Be sure to check out industry-specific job boards as well as broader options. Don’t discount Craigslist entirely, and don’t be afraid to customize approaches to potential employers on LinkedIn. However, what really counts is your reputation.

  • Reputation management: Tech niches like this are often hired via word of mouth. If you’re steeped deeply into the field, you’ve probably established yourself and have a few portfolios, testimonials, a blog, a professional website and the like—and if not you should. Ask your current and past contacts about any leads, and monitor your online reputation so you can remove or bury any less than stellar mentions of your name.

  • Adopt Laymen’s terms: You’ll be able to gauge quickly, and maybe before any interviews, how knowledgeable the person you’re interviewing with is about martech. Customize your lingo to fit their parameters. Even if they’re a Luddite, if you can’t talk clearly to someone about what you do in terms they understand, you’re not going to be a fit for any company. Part of being part of cutting edge technology is clear communication.

However, the best tip of all is to stay up to date on the latest marketing technology so you can truly establish yourself as a leader in the field—maybe even a thought leader. Share your knowledge by participating in the right events, on the right platforms, and connecting with the right people. Nobody will hire you if they don’t know who you are.