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Resources to Help ‘Tune Up Your Emergency Preparedness’

In response to October’s PM Magazine article, Tune Up Your Emergency Preparedness (subscribers only), Rob Gould, senior training manager, Center for Public Safety Management, recommends several steps to preparing your community for emergency events. Here are some additional resources to help you in your emergency response:

Update the local government’s emergency operations plan and checklists.

Equip and practice setting up an emergency operations center (EOC).

Understand the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

Feed a local government’s website and local news stations with accurate information on the local emergency and the response.

  • Ideas on How to Keep Your Citizens Informed — Christen Geiler, digital information specialist, National Institutes of Health, covers how digital media syndications is an easy way to feed your local website with the latest information from federal agencies.

Don’t scrimp on record keeping

Assemble your development assistance and social service teams


Mark Abeles-Allison

One other top suggestion would be to have a Hazard Mitigation Planning Document. This is especially helpful after a natural disaster declaration and Mitigation funds are available in an area OR state.

In Wisconsin counties work with municipalities to develop and update these documents to reduce the impact of future disasters.

I believe that mitigation funds can only be approved if they are part of the local Mitigation plan.

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