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Sacramento and Beyond!

Special thanks to the City Sacramento for hosting the Alliance Forum and for the special presentation provided by Campbell, CA

Sacramento and Beyond!

Earlier this month I was on the road and visited the great states of Calfornia and Washington. In California, the City of Sacramento hosted the Annual Alliance Northern Caliornia Ambassador Forum! Ten different Northern Caliornia organizations gathered to discuss the top challneges they are currently facing and discussed innovative ways to meet those challeneges!

Organizations in Attendance Included: 

  1. City of Palo Alto, CA
  2. City of Sonoma, CA
  3. Sacramento Area Council of Governments, CA
  4. City of Davis, CA
  5. City of Sacramento, CA
  6. City of Rancho Cordova, CA
  7. Power Inn Alliance, CA
  8. Placer County
  9. Campbell, CA
  10. Rocklin, CA

Top topics of Discussion Included: 

  1. Leadership and New Talent Recruitment
  2. Economic and Business Development
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Infrastructure Funding
  5. Long Range Planning 
Interested in hosting a forum in your region? Please contact me at 

Up Next:

Calling all Arizona Local Government Torchbearers! 

Join me for the next Forum to occur at the City of Phoenix, AZ -Octoer 6, 2016 -


New Member Alert 

While also visiting the California area I had the pleasure of meeting with and welcoming the Great City of Rocklin, CA to the Alliance family! They are currently working to turn this amazing natual rock quary into a staple for economic development! If you are a natural resource expert or simply interested in the topic please reach out to me and I will connect you to the City! Learn more about Rocklin here:



Walla Walla, Washington

While visiting Washington I attended the Annual Washington City/County Managment Association conference where it was an honor to facilitate a session on Heathcare Innovation! With each of our presenters combined well over $1M has been saved in healthcare cost to both the employers and employees.  During this session attendes learned from the experiences of Kirkland, WA and Yakima, WA as well as Alliance for Innovation Member Pitkin, County, Colorado. Panelis

walla walla

Walla Walla Washington - Pictured with City Manager of Sequim, WA Charlie Bush

t discussed their experiences in implementing innovative healthcare models from onsite healthcare clinics to new regional approaches that leverage costs and accessibility in rural areas.  Each approach has helped each organization achieve a few key goals:  improve wellness/prevention, reduce employer costs and out of pocket cost for employees, improve access to quality care, and reduce waste in the healthcare system. To get a copy of this session presentation email me at 


The Great Exchange 

The Alliance is inspiring innovation to advance communities and membership ensures that member cities and counties belong to a group of progressive organizations from across the US and Canada who are helping to drive innovation throughout local government organizations, enhance operations and build stronger communities. Specifically the Alliance recognizes that our members will inspire the innovative practices of local governments worldwide. The Alliance collaborates with members to drive innovation throughout the organizations’ culture and services with the ultimate goal of advancing communities everywhere!  Members get the most value from sharing and learning from each other and one of the biggest forums for exchanging ideas occurs annually at the Transforming Local Governmnt Conference! 

Tell your Story at the 2017 Transforming Local Government Conference: 

TLG 2017 Case Study Applications Deadline Extended!
Share Your Innovations on a National Stage!
TLG Takes Place April 18 - 21, 2017 in Tulsa, OK
Submit Your Application


We want YOU to drive the conversation at our 2017 Transforming Local Government Conference (TLG), April 18-21st in Tulsa, OK! How can you do that? By sharing your organization's innovations in a case study application -- and now you have an extra month to highlight them!

The Transforming Local Government Conference is the annual gathering place for local government professionals seeking innovative ways to connect people and ideas that support their efforts to be the best communities. TLG is recognized for its dynamic content that encourages freethinking and fosters unprecedented ideas, all within a relaxed and professional networking and learning environment.

This year we are looking for your stories in just one category...INNOVATION! Share your successes (and failures) on programs, projects, services, and initiatives demonstrating creative and innovative practices relative to operating your organization and building a resilient community.

Click here to learn more about the selection criteria.



Click here or the download button, complete and save the form, then email to Ryan Spillers at

All local governments are welcome to submit a case study application; you do not need to be an Alliance for Innovation member.  However, we do request an opportunity to meet with your organization to share the value and benefits of membership prior to the conference. Please suggest a couple meeting dates and times on the application to meet by emailing me at 

choa for now!  

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