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Are Your Webinars Getting Results? 5 Tools That Will Tell You

Thanks to technology, businesses can conduct a seminar for a long-distance audience. Whether attendees are down the street or on the other side of the country, a few simple steps can bring them to the same place, where they can exchange information. Webinars have become a valuable networking tool, especially for entrepreneurs interested in establishing themselves as thought leaders.

But like many other marketing efforts, businesses want to know their hard work is paying off. While they may be able to track the number of signups, they may not realize that they can also learn more about their attendees, including when they exited the virtual room and what devices they used to access the meeting. This information can be used to design and optimize future webinars for greater success.

Before you host your next webinar, it’s important to have the right tools in place to measure results. Here are a few solutions that can give you the information you need.


The first step toward a successful webinar is getting people to attend in the first place. For this to happen, you will need to properly reach out to leads and engage them with an interesting value proposition. Marketing Automation platform GetResponse recently launched its own webinar platform, which provides a simplified process for scheduling and designing webinars through templates. With its native email marketing platform, you can also nurture leads, send invitations and provide reminders for upcoming webinar schedules.

GetResponse Webinars also has a rich feature set aimed at keeping the audience engaged, such as the ability to share videos and documents, a powerful chat feature, smart polls, interactive whiteboards and screen sharing, among others.


If you simply want to track signups to your webinar, there are several tools that will help you create a trackable landing page. Unbounce provides 85 free landing page templates on its platform, with each page making it easy to track activity.

This solution is ideal for building a temporary page for an event like a webinar, since you can set up your page in a matter of minutes and begin directing traffic there. Once the page is in place, you can use the stats engine to note every conversion the page has brought.


One of the best features of ReadyTalk’s webinar service is its suite of follow-up features. After your webinar, you can access reports on attendees, archive a recording of the webinar to share across social media and your website, and launch a post-webinar survey. Your after-event emails can be segregated, with different messages going to attendees and non-attendees. Collected contact information on attendees can be directly shared to your CRM or marketing automation system to make follow-up easy.


ClickMeeting is a comprehensive video meeting suite, complete with all of the tools necessary to plan and deploy a webinar. In addition to creating an environment for hosting the meeting, ClickMeeting also includes tools that let event hosts learn about attendees prior to the meeting, as well as following customer activities while the event is taking place.

The tool provides detailed statistics on those who attended the meeting and where they came from. Surveys can also be provided during the webinar to get real-time feedback on how customers felt about the presentation.


If you need a simple, free software solution to get feedback on your webinar, SurveyMonkey is a tool to have in your arsenal. You can create surveys of up to ten questions with up to 100 responses for free before you need to upgrade to a paid version. At the end of your webinar, simply send your survey to the list of emails you collected. You can use the insight to create more effective webinars in the future.

SurveyMonkey also integrates with CRMs and marketing automation tools to make it easy to populate your databases and send follow-up emails based on the results.


Webinars are a great way to boost brand awareness, create extra sales with mobile payments and network with your peers. With the right tools in place, you can make the most of every webinar you put together, boosting your contact list databases and getting valuable feedback that you can put to use in future presentations. You’ll also be able to monitor which invitees stayed with your webinar until the end, letting you change your strategy the next time to ensure as many attendees as possible hear the most important part of your message.