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PM Magazine's Top 10 Articles of Spring 2016

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PM magazine is jam-packed with the best in local government from April through June 2016. From strategies to increase engagement to addressing the mental health crisis in emergency services, PM has local government covered. Highlights include:

  • The journey towards organizational excellence,
  • The need for modern, professional, equitable, and effective law enforcement,
  • The most frequent challenges faced in working with elected officials,
  • And, the benefits of asking dumb questions.

Top 10 Articles of Spring 2016

1. In Search of Organizational Excellence

Local government managers strive for excellence in their organizations and in the services they provide to communities. To achieve organizational excellence, managers have to focus on eight areas. Here are these key strategies.

2. Losing Experienced Workers is Costly

The aging government workforce has been a topic of interest for more than a decade, with reports showing that government employers have more workers over age 45 than nongovernment employers. Emerging skill gaps suggest replacing that talent will be increasingly difficult. This article offers several strategies to increase engagement with this audience.

3. The Manager-Police Chief Relationship

Local government managers and assistants must ensure their relations with police chiefs are strong, respectful, and mutually supportive. It is a classic symbiotic relationship. All departments are important, but there is more at stake with the police department than any other. Read this article to learn how to ensure public trust and confidence with your police chief. 

4. Local Government That Clicks

This article includes three touchstones for assessing how less expensive or free skilled IT assistance can fit some local government needs.

5. Trauma Takes Its Toll

To address the mental health crisis in emergency services, industry leaders must join together to further define the problem, explore its causes, and pursue strategic planning to protect and equip the workforce. Here's how.

6. Good Leaders Ask Dumb Questions

People may be afraid to ask dumb questions because of peer pressure. They may lack self-confidence. Whatever the cause, not asking dumb questions can diminish a person’s value to his or her employer. Here are six benefits of questioning the obvious.

7. If You Can't Listen, You Will Become Irrelevant

Many of us can be terrible listeners who've picked up bad habits in order to stay afloat in today's fast-paced workplace environment. Here is more about our worst listening habits and what can be done to fix them.

8. A Manager's Performance Appraisal: Prepare with Confidence

An evaluation of the manager—a process hated by most and ignored by others—should be an opportunity to both develop a manager’s knowledge and move a community forward. Read this article for five essential components found in most well-run communities that should be present.

9. Raising the Minimum Wage

Here are 10 strategies that provide a road map to help local government staff members prepare a minimum wage ordinance.

10. Maximizing Manager Success

Cal-ICMA tackled the issues that managers find most challenging. Here are the results.

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