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Celebrating #SocialMediaDay

In honor of Social Media Day, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular posts on the subject. Take a look:

Social Media Champs of ICMA

Looking for some social media inspiration? Give these ICMA members a follow, they’re pros at using Twitter.

Social Media: The Good, Bad, and Uncharted

From PM Magazine, how Tenet 12 of the ICMA Code of Ethics and related guidelines interact with social media.

What Makes Some Local Governments So Successful at Social Media

Find out what all local governments who are successful at social media have in common.

5 Vibrant County Facebook Pages That Inform and Engage

Check out these stellar examples of local governments using Facebook to connect with their communities.

8 Resources to Make the Best Use of Social Media

According to results of ICMA’s Digital Use Survey conducted in November 2014, 88% of respondents reported that their local government has a social media presence. Here are 8 resources to help you get on board.

Social Media Topic Page on the Knowledge Network

Take advantage of all the free resources available on the Knowledge Network by exploring the Social Media topic page.

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