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Presentation at the Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee Meeting

With Penny Gross, Chair of the Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC) at MWCOG

Today, Mai and I were given the opportunity to present to members of the Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee Meeting at WMCOG.

ceepc 2

Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC)

Chairing the meeting was Mason District Supervisor, Penelope A. "Penny" Gross.

The meeting had a packed agenda which included reporting from the various committees such as Built Environment Energy Advisory Committee (BEEAC) and Air and Climate Public Advisory Committee (ACPAC). Another agenda item was an update given by Benjamin Foster from ICF, who is working with COG to conducting an analysis of renewable energy markets in the region. COG commissioned a study to examine efforts, progress and opportunities to meet the region’s renewable energy consumption goals. ICF briefed the meeting on the results of the study, including projections of potential renewable energy market growth for 2022 that can help inform upcoming climate planning efforts by CEEPC. We were very fortunate to have been able to sit in for this briefing as the slides and draft report contains detailed information about how the region’s efforts are tallying up and contributing to the overarching goals.

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Feeling nervous as they introduced us...

As our turn to present approached, admittedly, we were feeling a little nervous. We had never presented in front of committee members before and everyone was so knowledgeable and asked great questions about the earlier reports and briefing. Chairwoman Penny Gross introduced us and Steve Walz set the context for our presentation by sharing some of the progress that has been made since the 2012 climate action goals for the region were set. He also highlighted some areas that saw less implementation than others.

Just to recap, our research project for COG is to find replicable best practices for Metropolitan Washington, with a focus on the Clean Tech Economy, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy, Resiliency and Finance as a cross-cutting issue. The goal is to present best practices from around the world to the CEEPC Board. We worked on 7 cities: Kyoto, Japan; Shenzhen, China; Da Nang City, Vietnam; Singapore; the Australian Capital Territory, Wales, United Kingdom and the Province of British Colombia, Canada.

We kept our slides short and presented only key possible replicable best practices for the region. Chairwoman Penny Gross picked up on Singapore's floating solar pilot which we began studying to test the potential to use reservoirs to generate solar energy. Afterward, some committee members also commented that achieving 80% of green certification of new and existing buildings (Singapore's Green Mark Scheme) seemed really ambitious and quite impossible. 

Overall, although it was challenging to complete the task in a short 3.5 weeks, we hope that our research will be helpful to committee members as they begin discussions in order to update the next edition of CEEPC’s Regional Climate and Energy Action Plan.  


Phoenix Solar

Floating photovoltaic system in Singapore

Details and documents of the meeting can be found here.

Our presentation here.

Our draft report here.


With Penny Gross, Chair of the Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Committee (CEEPC) at MWCOG and Councilwoman Redella S. "Del" Pepper from the City of Alexandria





Maia Davis
Maia Davis said

You ladies really outdid yourselves! What an enormous amount of very helpful research and information. We will certainly continue to expand on your work as we develop our next plan!

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