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Pay as You Throw

Implementing an effective, efficient and harmless way for the field officer in handling solid waste, that the City of Dubuque done. Under control of the Public Works Department, the solid waste being picked up by 16 heavy trucks, 1 grappler truck and 1 pickup. Each trucks assist with picking up refuse, yard debris, food residual, large item and curbside recycling. These trucks are operated by one or two operators, it is tremendously effective to serve approximately twenty thousand households in the City of Dubuque which settled by up to sixty thousand citizens. Garbage collecting is based on certain zone and daily basis schedule for three aforementioned garbage types.


Field officer collecting the recycling items from the residences

The City of Dubuque's runs a "Pay As You Throw" Refuse Collection Program; a volume-based free structure. The city provided the following options:

-  Monthly solid waste base free is $13.90; includes one weekly 35-gallon bag or can per household (up to 40 lbs.)

-  Subscribe to an additional 35-gallon can for $8.00 more per month, green sticker

-  Upgrade to an oversized can (36- to 50-gallon) for an additional $5.00 per month, blue sticker

-  City cart subscription; 64-gallon (224 lbs. max) for $22.00 per month and 96-gallon (324 lbs. max) for $33.00 per month.

Talking about the waste, awareness on reduce and sort the waste that can be reused and or recycled is closely related with the people mindset and behaviors. In the City of Dubuque, yellow container provided for recycle items e.g. paper, plastic, cans, once field officers found a non-recycled items within the container, then they would not collect it, it aims to educate and or raising awareness of the citizen about the importance of the recycling as well as reducing the loaded trash to the landfill. Correspondingly, for the trash, the officers will also not carry an excess of the container standard size, the costumer should pay additional cost, and green single-use stickers for $1.50 are used on extra 35-gallon cans, bags or smaller items.


One of recycle campaign tagline..

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