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Metromover : Explore the Beauty of Miami for Free


Miami Metromover Train - Exterior Design Look

Beyond strolling nuance we acquired from new city exploration, we are, at one time, able to learn our environment and nature as well to undress the value of the real advanture. Here is the story how fun means something for real. 

Miami – It was a sunny and such a beautiful Sunday morning, May 15, 2016. Ki (my peer fellow from Laos) and I decided to go to Miami downtown in city of Miami before reaching the city of Miami Beach. We took this initiative instead of just lying down on the bed and watching TV. I personally have discovered something interesting to let public know about how Miami serves its people and tourists exploring as well as enjoying the beauty of the cities. Obviously, it is “Metromover”, maybe many people have already known or even heard about it however I am also pretty sure mostly people in the parts of the world haven’t.


Me in front of Miami Freedom Tower, Miami, Florida

Exploring the beauty of Miami has become the world society’s destination. However, in addition to having such recreational and sightseeing stuffs I have learned some couple things such culture, language, and the behavior of both the local people and the tourists. In particular, there is one thing revealed from my mind that the government’s initiative to provide a free, comfortable, accessible and environmental-friendly public transportation service like Metromover which will take us to almost every destination of tourists’ attraction and interest, this fact is actually in line with the concept of environmental sustainability since it is another type of electric-generated train.

What I found interesting is that everybody rides free on Metromover in Miami. Metromover is 4.4-mile electrically-powered just like small train; fully automated people mover system connects with Metrorail at Government Center and Brickell stations and with Metrobus at various locations throughout downtown. The incredible fact shows that together with Metrorail, the system has seen steady ridership growth per annum, with an average of 105,500 daily passengers in 2013 and 35,300 passengers in 2014 for the Metromover alone (source: So, it is connected to main locations which have tourist attractions even for fun or work. Major destinations of the Metromover system include the American Airlines Arena, Bayside Market Place, Miami-Dade College and the Miami-Dade County School Board. Sometimes people worry about time constraints whether they can save the time to explore more, this is what Metromover addresses to take people with comfort even we will find almost all walk-able sites to go close to each other. The Metromover has two operations inner loop and the outer loop (Omni and Brickell) and its hours run from 5 a.m. to midnight seven days a week. Trains arrive frequently. We will feel so comfortable because it is facilitated with Air conditioning inside. If we want to go to Miami Beach we don’t have to spend much money for buying the ticket, we can drop at American Airlines Arena by Metromover and take Shuttle bus for $ 2,25 to reach city of Miami Beach where the paradise lies on earth with astonishing nature and species existed.

Bayfront Park Miami     Bayfront_Park,Miami,FL
                       Bayfront Park Miami, Florida                         Another Angle of Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida


As for the Free and comfortable Public Transportation like Metromover will automatically decrease and press the number of private cars and other public transportation vehicles which use fuel or solar. The advent of Metromover is definitely degrading the production of GHG Emission which nowadays has taken the world attention to reduce worldwide. Based on the statistic data there are approximately 35. 300 daily passengers take Metromover, so you can imagine how much GHG emission will be reduced for instance most people in the city get shifted to choose it as the alternative transportation they might have. This environmental sustainability campaign should not be only from one person’s or one country’s concern but it should be the world’s objectification to come with. I hope the government worldwide, especially my country Indonesia, can take the advantage and the successful depiction of Miami government to initiate the environmental-friendly public transportation that can be reached by all citizens in the city.  Thus, the other very simple ways we possibly can do are walking, cycling and taking public transportation more than ever to reduce the release of Greenhouse Gas Emission to the Ozone Layer. We might not solve global warming but at least we can stop it to be worse than ever as it is global problem therefore it requires global action from all components of the world. So, let’s do it together for the Earth and for the better future.

miami-beach-flfun-in-the-sun-2    IMG_20160515_123359

Miami Beach, City of Miami Beach, FL                    It's me in front of American Airlines Arena, Miami City, FL



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