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The Good Freedom Is Responsible Freedom

When I arrived in United States, the first impression on arrival was unexceptional cold. On the internet is known that the temperature reached 6 degrees Celsius in Washington DC, away from my estimate that the spring may be warmer. Washington is my first stopover. A few hours after leaving my suitcases and luggage at the hotel, I visited the Capitol Hill with friends from other Southeast Asia Countries. Capitol Hill is a witness to the history of the United States stands. When i saw this building, my eyes fell on a statue that stood on top of this building, the statue of freedom. Originally named it Freedom Triumphant in war and peace, the official U.S. government publications now named it the statue of freedom. The statue depicts a female figure wearing a military helmet and holding a sheathed sword in her right hand and a laurel wreath and shield in her left. This sculpture reminds me of the freedom that exist in Indonesia.

Capitol Building

Freedom in Indonesia is guaranteed in the constitution of the nation. Like have religious beliefs. Everyone is free to embrace religion and to worship according to their religion, choose one's education, employment, citizenship, choosing a place to stay in the territory of the country and left, as well as the right to return. The second is freedom of expression. Basic law said that Independence of association and assembly, issued thoughts with oral and written, and so on are set by law. A freedom that does not mean can act freely without regard to the obligation to respect the human rights of others. Everybody is obliged to respect the human rights of others. In exercise their rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject to the limitations set by law for the purpose of securing the recognition and respect for the rights and freedoms of others to meet the demands of a fair in accordance with moral judgment, religious values, security and public order in a democratic society.
We are free to speak, free to express our feelings, free to work and proclaim our ideas. However, behind these freedoms, there is something that we must respect. We must have full responsibility for any ideas and actions that we do in order not to harm others. The freedom that we must run to deliver benefits to ourselves and to the people around us. I leave behind a quote: "Do what you want to do, in fact, you will be responsible for what you do”.

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