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Fish In Rescue!

I am so amazed by how United States Government with americans people gave special attention to fish conservation especially with their concern about Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP). It has open my eyes about what my nation can do for saving more species that need rivers for their lifecycles in future. This week we met Mary's River Watershed Council. They works to inspire and support voluntary stewardship of Marys River and nearby streams, to enhance habitat for fish and wildlife and to protect water quality. In maintaining the watershed, they observe the principles of Aquatic Organism Passage (AOP).

AOP is the ability of fish and other aquatic organisms to migrate and swim freely upstream and downstream through or beneath human infrastructure such as culverts, bridges, diversion, dams, etc. Assessments from the past decade confirm the ecological importance of providing passage to all native aquatic and riparian species dependent on passage through road-stream crossings and for all life stages of those species, particularly to provide resilience to climate change stresses to reviews these populations. You will see a road-stream crossing is the interface of the road network and a stream, creek or river, typically containing the water body in a culvert, pipe, arch, bridge or causeway.

the water body in a culvert

One of the rescued fish by Mary's River Watershed Council is salmon. Salmon is one of many types of fish that contain lots of nutritional value that are beneficial to humans. This fish can live in fresh and marine waters. Salmon life cycle begins in freshwater (rivers), here the salmon eggs hatch. Having grown and developed into "smolt", then salmon moved to the mouth of the river to the open sea. A salmon trip is not for a while, take some time to a matter of months. Salmon are born in rivers, migrate to the ocean, then return to the rivers to spawn. When salmon wish to lay eggs, they would gather together and swim back to the river to fight the currents for thousands of miles are full of obstacles. Many stumbling blocks his way, through the rocks, swim against the current, even jumping and others. Salmon teaches us about perseverance in the fight. Imagine if the salmon do not want to struggle to swim downriver. They will become extinct, many living things dying and the balance of nature would be disturbed. This is a sign of the greatness of God's creation. Through salmon, God gave us a lesson that in this life we have to fight and should also be useful for others.

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