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FREE International Hispanic Network Memberships for ICMA Student Chapter Members

The International Hispanic Network is the leading professional organization for Hispanic and Latino local government professionals and for local governments that serve Hispanic and Latino communities. The purpose of the association is to increase the number of Hispanic/Latino local government professionals in leadership positions, encourage professional excellence among Hispanic/Latino local government administrators, and serve as a resource to all local government professionals working in communities with significant Hispanic/Latino populations.

IHN sponsors and conducts national and regional networking programs to discuss matters that impact public management and concerns of the Hispanic and Latino community. This is done by linking public, private and academic resources to create an effective network to support professional development and service delivery.

The IHN board of directors has agreed to waive membership fees for students who are participating in the ICMA Student Chapter program. Benefits for student participation include:

• Opportunity to network for future jobs,
• Opportunity to volunteer on IHN committees as part of their networking,
• Advise the IHN Board about students’ needs and issues,
• Participation in the IHN Madrinas y Padrinos coaching program and enhancements to including individual professional development plans, interview training, presentation training, etc.,
• Support for participation in the ICMA Local Government Fellowship Program,
• Access to professionals for theses, dissertations, and other research, including access to IHN membership for conducting surveys in support of their research, and
• Access to IHN membership list, quarterly newsletters, events and other program updates.

You can find the International Hispanic Nework Application for ICMA Student Chapter members here. 

To apply for membership, please submit the completed application to IHN so that you can be added to their membership list. Join today!

We are so happy that IHN has partnered with the Student Chapter program in offering chapter members complimentary memberships. Thank you IHN for this incredible opportunity. If anyone has any questions, please let me know- Christa Rainwater at

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