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We are the Millennials…


YSEALI Professional Fellows Spring 2016

Who are the Millennials? As I quoted from Wikipedia, Millennials also known as the Millennial Generation or Generation Y are the demographic cohort following Generation X. There are no precise dates for when the generation starts and ends; most researchers use birth years ranging from the early 1980s to around 2000. As you probably aware, that there are four generations that may be present in our organization. Traditionalists (1925-1945), Baby Boomers (1946-1964), Generation X (1965-1980), and surely the Millennials.

It is very interesting to see how the Millennials will shape the course of the history throughout the world. In the context of US, there are more than 80 million of Millennials or 25% of the total number of population. Big number comes with big responsibilities. In terms of organization perspective, Millennials will have to learn how to build stronger cohesive teams and inclusion throughout the organization in order to be the leader in the future.

In the context of YSEALI (Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative), we should be very grateful for the fact that we have been given a chance to learn, to share, and bridging the gap between US and ASEAN countries. We are very fortunate that we are able to gain more knowledge on various best practices of good governance, environment issues, and also to build a good networking. Therefore, this is our best moment to show that Millennials are ready to rock the world.

So, Millennials, are you ready to take up the challenge?

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