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Sugar Land, There is No Equal…

Welcome Reception with City Manager, Allen Bogard


City of Sugar Land, Texas

It has been a week of inspiration in the City of Sugar Land, Texas. The city has offered me a lot of things to learn and gain new knowledge and experiences. My first impression when I arrived in this beautiful city is, the people always wants to know, what are the things that makes you feel comfort, and I’m very grateful by that, because personally I will be ready for any condition that I will face. The warm welcome from everyone surely will give me the strength to learn more about the positive things that I will get from the City of Sugarland, there is no equal…


Welcome Reception in the City of Sugar Land


Tour of City Parks with Chris Mobley

Exploring the city and meet new people is probably the best thing to know more about the city. From the tour that was accompanied by Capt. Stuart Denton from the Police Department, tour of the city parks with Chris Mobley from Parks and Recreation, visit the Museum of Natural Science with Adrienne Barker, Animal Shelter Tour with Kathryn Ketchum from Petopia, tour of Sugar Land Regional Airport, tour of Heritage Museum and Imperial site, and last but not least, in the end of the week, I attend the Diversity Summit 2016.


City Tour with Capt. Stuart Denton

Yup, it is a very tight schedule for this first week. And just for your information, those are just a few activities that have been schedule for us (my partner Leonard, fellow from Philippine and me) by the City of Sugar Land, especially from the Office of Strategic Initiatives. And the best thing is we can participate in all those activities. And the activities I mention are just the fun thing. So, how about the learning process? Well, I will share the serious part in my next post. By the way, Sugar Land, there is no equal is actually the slogan of the city…


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