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Learning from natural processes


Broadwater Parkland

Second day CityLinks activities are visiting to the Broadwater Parkland. Where the park is unique saltmarsh and mangrove ecosystem where providing food and shelterfor marine animals living in the Broadwater. This Park area is not only for open space but actually, they have some function to clean stormwater before it enters the beautiful Broadwater.

Runoff is collected from approximately 3,5 hectare of the Southport CBD and from Throughout the parkland. The water is then chaneled into biorentetion gardens that act as natural water treatment plants.

Stormwater is being filtered down through layers of permable soil and sand, where microporganism help to remove pollutans. The plants in the Garden also take up the runoff through “evaporatranspiration”, absorbing nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorous food and preventing these potentially harmful substance from entering the marine environment.

The water quality is always in check with their standard, so stormwater is safe to eenters to the Broadwater and people still can swim near with that area. The nice idea about this parkland, is how the government does its not only to make reclamation not only for public space but also how they think about environment, about clean a stormwater and manage all of this with nature. Is beautifull think to think about development, public and nature.


Semarang Municipality Presentation

Next activity is meeting with engineer in Gold Coast Council offices. We meet some people who have responibilities about flood risk management. They have standard about Risk Management AS31000:2009, where risk management is about how to know about risk, to manage and solve the risk and to eveluation the risk.

They have planing about risk management by modelling system. First is flood modelling, Coastal modelling, Hydrological modelling and  fire risk modelling. The modelling can predict where that condition happen, show the city can do some action about it and minimize the impact about it.

Semarang team also explanation about coastal condition where we have facing to climate change impact for flooding because sea level rise and abration from wide or tidal activities. And also we explain about how to make some planning about drainage in Semarang four drainage system especially in East Canal Flood Way and Build Urban Development is Tambaklorok Village.


Gold Coast Council Chambers

Learning is can be from every where, the great think is learning from natural processes to get the great result...

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