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Learning Shoreline Management in Gold Coast, Australia

Is honour for me that Semarang has choosen for ICMA City Links program about city and climate change. We focus on coastal area because that are is vulnerable to facing climate change. Some problem in that area are inundated becuase sea level rise, the other side is also abration, especially fispond area.

Based on that City Links choose the Gold Coast where they have a beautiful coast to share and to educate our city how to manage the coastal area.

After kickoff program in November 2015, we already have some activities to collect the data discusion and FGD, and right know in April 24-30, 2016 we inviting by City Links to learn in Gold Coast about mangement shoreline addressing to climate change.

In first day, we have meeting to Gold Coast Council to learn from Mr Mathew and Mr Kim about Shoreline Management with 52 Km long form New South Wales and Quensland. Some document strategy already prepare by Gold Coast, form Ocean Beach Strategy 2013-2023, Beach Protection Act 1968 adn Gold Cost Shoreline Management Plan.

Some strategy to protect their coastal are about engineering, tourism and residential, hotel, apartment. They have some strategy not only infrastructure but also sustainablity and the last but not least are economic.


Sand By Passing System

The Pretty think about coastal management is strategy about pumping sand trapped by the southern wall through a pipeline under seaway to discharger onto the ocean beach of South Stradbroke Island. This system is a new for us to facing some problem in coastal. We hope we can learn more to adapt and adopt new think about coastal coastal strategy. let's solve the Abration!

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