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US-Indonesia Relations


Apa kabar US, apa kabar semua... 

Semoga dalam keadaan baik dan sehat selalu...

My name is Fathir Fajar Sidiq, and you can call me Fathir. I have worked in Depok City for almost 10 years, since I was graduated from School of Government Studies (STPDN) in 2006. In 2009, I got scholarship from my local government to have my postgraduate in University of Indonesia (UI), majoring public policy administration. Currently I’m working as a public policy analyst in Public Relations Office in Depok City. My duties especially monitoring and assessing news and information, in relations to whatever happens and recorded through printed media (newspapers, magazines, etc.) and electronic media, such as online news and social media. By doing that, I gather information in order to give suggestion and the best solution for every problems that appears in media. 

The Professional Fellow’s program is a rare opportunity for me to learn best practices on how the public policy is being made and implemented, locally and nationally, and also how media can be one of the most influential factors in the process of creating a good and successful policy. This programs also a great opportunity for me to learn how to manage issues of improving education and helping the poor and needy. For me, these two issues have been our main priority, for the reasons that our city is the closest neighbor of Jakarta, which is the Capital of Indonesia. Therefore, the standard of quality of education and welfare has been seriously addressed.

I would also like to experience the culture of the American people (Host Family) and develop connections amidst differences. This is also a good opportunity for me to share our Indonesian culture and customs so we could understand each other better. I hope this fellowship will be memorable and meaningful. I expect to learn and understand different perspectives, exchange ideas and experiences, build networks, and develop new areas of interest and to know more about the beauty of life in US, especially in the City of Sugarland and Pearland, Texas. I would also like to share all of the experiences I get from this fellowship to my organization and my city, hopefully best practices that I get, could be the alternative solutions for the problem in my country. I am hoping that the bilateral relations between US and Indonesia can be stronger, now and in the future.

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