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We're heading back to Nablus!

The CityLinks team is excited to announce that we are heading back to Nablus for the App2Action Showcase this week! Developers from the West Bank will be showing off the apps they made to help the municipality address challenges in their water sector. We have five apps to showcase that cover all of the challenge statements we presented to developers late last year. The apps submitted look to help the municipality to:

1. Increase the efficiency of water distribution

2. Automate communication systems for water management concerns

3. Incentivize and encourage on time payment for water services

The winning team will receive a $5000 cash prize, one all-expense paid trip to the 2016 Esri Users Conference in San Diego California, and an opportunity to receive continued funding to implement their app in the municipality.

Keep an eye out in the coming weeks as we highlight the apps we received as well as the promising entrepreneurs that developed them. Interested local governments or USAID Missions can get in touch with ICMA to work with the teams that developed these apps to customize them for their own communities. Additionally, the CityLinks team will be working on a guide for organizations interested in hosting similar challenges. The guide will be unique in its effort to focus not only on the challenge, but also on the relationship between the developers and the municipality to get the winning application operationalized.

Be sure to keep tabs of this exciting event on Facebook and Twitter throughout the week! 

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