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Leadership Reading to Start Your Week: 3/7/2016

Here are several articles on leadership topics pulled from various resources to start off your work week. This post will point you to articles on leadership, management, career stage advice, and more.

Here’s a Technique the Most Productive People Use to Stay Focused

From government executive, written by oliver staley

"Elite athletes use visualization techniques to prepare for games, and the evidence shows they improve their focus and help them perform better. It turns out we could all benefit from doing something similar, even if we’re only gearing up for a day at the office, not game seven of the World Series."

When It’s Tough to Speak Up, Get Help from Your Coworkers

From harvard business review, written by James R. DetertEthan R. Burris

"When you feel it’s risky to share concerns with your manager, conventional wisdom says to choose your words very carefully, avoiding political landmines and emotional hot buttons. And when you worry that your suggestions won’t go anywhere (even if there’s little risk in raising them), the usual prescription is to make a solutions-oriented, data-driven case, paying close attention to your boss’s current priorities, stressors, and other factors so you can frame and deliver a message that is more likely to compel action."

Five Principles for Successful High-Performing Local Government

From Leadership {RE}Imagined, written by Samantha Ferrigno

"Good organizations perform. Great organizations, however, perform at a higher level, where people are seen as wanting --- even needing --- to do a good job, they are motivated through challenging work that they are eventually recognized for, their projects tend to be team based, and the output of them are often excellent."

the best leaders know how to pass the torch

from government executive, written by robert d. behn

"Scientific knowledge is explicit knowledge. It is precise, and thus can be explicated in mathematical formulas, textbooks, blueprints, procedures, and manuals. It can be converted into a system, stored, retrieved, and used again, exactly as it was used previously, whether that was yesterday, last year, or centuries ago. Explicit knowledge works. This knowledge can be easily learned, easily taught, easily transferred from one human to another."

10 Communication Habits of Effective Local Government Managers

from Leadership {RE}Imagined, written by samantha ferrigno

"All effective local government managers have one thing in common: The ability to develop and strengthen relationships through communication. killed communicators have the ability to develop better working relations with people they don't already know well, they take the time to talk, to listen, and to exchange information to develop bonds of understanding that can facilitate the communication process."

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