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Leadership Reading to Start Your Week: 2/22/2016

Here are several articles on leadership topics pulled from various resources to start off your work week. This post will point you to articles on leadership, management, career stage advice, and more.

from down the hall: here's how to make sure executives, managers and employees get each other's message

From govloop, written by stephen l. buckner

"You can’t just pass information down the hall and expect it to reach every employee intact. Rather, you have to keep the lines of communication open from top to bottom — and every direction in between. At the Census Bureau, we work hard to build this critical feedback loop for all employees.

Here are roles that people at every level of an organization play in maintaining good communication..."

the same behaviors that spell academic success can backfire at work

From government executive, written by tara mohr

"Early in my work as a career coach, I noticed something surprising: The women who faced the biggest challenges in senior-level positions had often been star pupils in school. They’d earned excellent grades, won numerous prizes and praise from their teachers, sought out one or more graduate degrees. Now the same behaviors that had been essential for academic success were holding them back in the boardroom."

career compass No. 47: leadership myths debunked

Career Compass is a monthly column from ICMA written by dr. frank benest

There are seven common myths. By becoming aware of these myths, you can enhance your leadership mindset.  With a different mindset (seeCareer Compass No. 41: The Post-Heroic Leader), you can then take action to become more of a humble servant leader who serves your team, your clients, and the larger organization and community.

why governments need to ramp up succession planning

from governing, written by patrick ibarra

"As a result of the rapidly aging workforce, government organizations -- small and large, rural and urban -- are experiencing a brain drain that is placing their organizations at a critical juncture: The need for experienced and seasoned employees has never been greater, yet those are the very workers who are most likely to be departing in the very near future. It's clear that governments need to get serious about succession planning."

the one question you must ask if you want to motivate your team

FROM GOV exec, WRITTEN BY david m. dye

"If you want an energized, motivated team, begin by examining your own motivations. Be honest with yourself: Do you choose to lead in order to serve your team and accomplish meaningful results?"


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