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#ICYMI: Cultivating Civility and More

Our mission with the Knowledge Network is ensure users have access to the best local government resources.  Here is a recap of resources recently added:

Cultivating Civility

Julia Novak, president, The Novak Consulting Group, gives you 5 tips on generating civil conversations during public meetings. Check out the tips here.

IPS Group: Strategic Renovation

Check out how a parking system retrofit in Salt Lake City has improved system reliability and enhanced customer convenience. Download Here

ICMA Student Chapter Conference Call: Advancing Women and Minorities

Attention all Public Policy and Public Administration students: join a panel of local government professionals to learn about ICMA’s student chapters and how to get more women and minorities in leadership positions. Learn more here.

ICMA's Adjunct's Corner: A Guide for Pracademics

Between 2007 and 2011, Dr. Raymond Cox wrote a recurring column for ICMA's monthly e-newsletter for the academic community, written for managers who taught MPA/MPP classes as adjunct faculty. This document is a collection of those columns. Download the columns here.

Narcan Nasal Spray: Life-Saving Overdose Drug

Recently the U.S. Food and Drug Administration quickly approved this nasal spray, which can reverse the effects of opioid overdose.This blog post explains how you can acquire the spray at a 40 percent discount.  Read the post here.

The FCC's New Wireless Rules

This presentation from the 2015 Spring Maryland City County Management Association Conference discusses the possible impact of the Federal Communications Commission’s new wireless rules on communities.  Download the presentation here.

An Ode to the Paper-Bound

Luke Floyd from BoardSync recently published this haiku for individuals who have spent time scanning and printing documents even though they are trying to implement a paperless policy. Read the ode here.

Diversity and Inclusion: Key Indicators of Economic Mobility

This month we launched a new Knowledge Network topic, Diversity & Inclusion, and this post discusses how promoting diversity and inclusion in your community can help improve the economic outlook for your citizens.  Read the post here.

5 Ways Local Government Spreads Love        

During February, the month of love, the Leadership {RE}imagined blog highlighted how these 5 communities spread love to their citizens. Discover the ways here.


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