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#ICYMI: 2016 Leadership Challenges and More

Take a break in your day to read these new and noteworthy #localgov resources from the past week:

Something’s Happening in Local Government

Rick Dacri (management adviser, president of Dacri & Associates, and author of the book Uncomplicating Management: Focus on Your Stars and Your Company Will Soar) discusses the challenges local government leaders will face in the future. Learn More Here

5 Questions Every Mentor Must Ask

In our continuing celebration of National Mentoring Month this post presents a framework to help mentors optimize the mentoring relationship. Learn About the Framework Here

Be Nice, It May Help Your City’s Economy

Governing discusses how promoting community friendliness can help in economic growth. Learn Why Here

Webinar Series: Effective Supervisory Practices

This professional development opportunity can help you meet the challenges of leading and managing your community and staff. Register Here

DOT: Smart City Challenge Update

The Department of Transportation (DOT) added a new prize—a system to make city buses smarter and safer—to its $50 million smart city award. Learn More about the Update Here

The 2016 Kickoff List for Local Government Leaders

To help you have a successful 2016, consider these 5 resources about effective leadership. Read the Resources Here

4 Keys to Building Rapport: Tearing Down the W.A.L.L.

This article discusses how you can communicate better by tearing down the “wall” between you and other people. Learn How Here

Police, the Community, and the Local Government Manager

In light of the increased attention to police and community relations, ICMA has made the transcript of the 2015 ICMA Annual Conference telephonic media event on the subject available. Download Here


Read about how to access the other documents from the 2015 Annual Conference here.


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