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Focus on All the Right Things

The technology that local governments are using to deal with crime and trauma these days can involve body-worn cameras, surveillance cameras, automated license plate readers, and more. Mark Ryckman and Don Zoufal take care to cover the policy issues entwined with surveillance in PM’s cover story “Get the Picture: Addressing the Surveillance Revolution.” They write that “developing strong written policies is a critical starting point for any municipal service.”

This time of year, people might be thinking about the 2016 Super Bowl that will be held on February 7 at Levi’s® Stadium in Santa Clara, California. Santa Clara is ready to provide public safety services for this event, as well as for any number of large events that are held there. Explore how, with collaboration from its neighbors, the city does this in “Policing the 2016 Super Bowl Stadium,” written by Elizabeth Brown and Michael Sellers.

Evanston, Illinois, refreshed the staff’s focus on its vision through training. I’m told the city’s broad sustainability and livability approach is quite unique compared to most training and information programs. The training approach is explained in “The Livability Academy” by Wally Bobkiewicz and Catherine Hurley.

Sharon Subadan, Kenneth Williams, Fran David, and Andy Pederson help start off 2016 by answering the On Point question: What Are the Challenges Your Community Will Face This Year?

What is the real cost of work day interruptions? To find out, read Jeff Davidson’s article “Focus, Focus, Focus.” He tells us that we can all learn to safeguard our personal environments for significant stretches throughout the day. I’m going to try using his advice. For managers who might be in transition right now, a positive read is the article “In Transition?” by Rick Davis on how to emerge from transition as a stronger manager. James Wickman also described how he became a stronger manager by attending the Senior Executives in State and Local Government Program in “What I Learned at Harvard.”

Three online articles have as interesting information as they do titles: “Fixing Sign Codes after Reed: All Is Not Lost,” “Does This Excuse Make My But Look Big?,” and Become a More Inspiring Leader in 2016.

Local government and the management profession can be dominated by stories about crime, tragedy, and trauma. It’s important for media sources and publications—including this magazine—to tell the positive stories of management resilience, renewal, and recovery that are taking place around the world. It is my resolution to do this in PM during 2016. Happy New Year!


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