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Top 5 Most Popular Blogs of 2015

One of the best tools the Knowledge Network offers is the blog feature.  It allows users to share their experiences and stories while letting ICMA staff make users aware of local government resources and developments. Using Google Analytics, I discovered that blog posts received more than 85,000 views this past year! Here are the most popular (in terms of page views) blogs on the Knowledge Network.

1.) Professional Fellows Exchange Program

Mission: A collection of blogs from the Professional Fellows Program and YSEALI Professional Fellows Program funded by the Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.

2015 Highlight: This past year members of the International Professional Fellows Exchange Program had the opportunity to meet President Obama, and this fellow shared that experience through a handwritten blog post. Learn More Here

2.) Leadership {RE}imagined

Mission: Discover leadership best practices and tips to achieve organizational excellence in local government.

2015 Highlight: One of the most popular posts was from ICMA President Bob O’Neill in which he described the importance of giving thanks year-round. Learn Why Here

3.) From Performance Measurement to Performance Management

Mission: ICMA’s performance management blog showcases leading practices, strategies, resources, and ideas for improving the quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of public services through performance measurement and management.

2015 Highlight: Just this past month blog contributor Barbara Moore identified a multitude of performance management resources to help anyone interested in the topic of performance management. Discover the Resources Here

4.) Annual Conference Blog

Mission: This blog is designed to help readers get the latest information before, during, and after the ICMA Annual Conference.

2015 Highlight: If you missed #ICMA15 don’t worry!  This post explains how you can access all the conference documents from this past year. Learn How Here

5.) 311/CRM

Mission: To continue the ongoing discussion of development in the 311/CRM field.

2015 Highlight: Blog contributor Cory Fleming discusses how 311/CRM systems and data mining can work together to help organizations identify issues, budget more responsibly, and improve processes. Learn More Here

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What blog post from 2015 have you found to be the most interesting or useful?

Share your comments below.

Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network Research and Content Associate