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8 KN Resources to Help You Celebrate World Vegan Month

November is World Vegan Month! Even if you’re not a vegan you can celebrate by promoting your local food systems.  Having a strong local food system helps your community promote sustainability and increase resiliency.  Below I’ve outline resources inside the Knowledge Network that can help.

  1. This report from Cornell University studied the impact of local food hub activities and whether there is a demand among citizens to expand these activities.
  2. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a resource guide to help you establish a food hub.
  3. ICMA’s Center for Sustainability Communities collaborated with Michigan State University’s Center for Regional Food Systems on a national survey to learn more about local government involvement in local food systems.  Learn more about this project in this article.
  4. If you’re interested in the topic of community gardens, check out this blog post that covers 5 gardening tips from the Knowledge Network.
  5. The 101st ICMA Annual Conference featured a session on growing your local food system.  The first document provides an introduction to local food systems, the second outlines the systematic approach to supporting local food systems, and the third describes Pierce County, Washington’s, agricultural program.
  6. ICMA’s Center for Sustainable Communities identifies, in this blog post, some great social media resources that can help you with your local food system.
  7. Chee Kai Ng, a nutrition officer in the Ministry of Health, Putrajaya, Malaysia, and professional fellow taking part in the YSEALI exchange program, writes about how the gaps in Malaysia’s food system can harm its resiliency when disaster strikes.
  8. Redwood City, California, established an innovative way to build community by donating food to those in need.  Multiple local libraries partnered with a food bank to accept food donations in place of monetary fines for late books.

Check out more Knowledge Network resources by visiting the food security topic page.

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Douglas Shontz

Knowledge Network, Associate 

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