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Helloween: Connecting People

Edmund Lau

Spooky Ghost

Helloween.. well I don't need to explain what Helloween is cause everybody know what it is. But it is quite a big thing in the United States. People will dress up as a spooky character or as some cartoon or superhero character. And people will decorate their house as spooky as possible. It is really fun to see people's costume and little kid dress up like that. The little kid and even some teenagers will come to other people houses for trick or treat and get a bag of candies.


Black Scorpion

Despite of that, what I really see is people get connected from this kind of event. They become know each other with their neighbour and also other neighbouring communities. This is a very positive things since connection between neighbour is very important. Negative impact of technology that making better people connection between people with longer distance and make less connection between people with shorter distance could be overcome with this kind of events.


Trick or Treat

Eventually, Helloween is not only the time for party or dress up like a spooky characther but also to connect with other people.


Helloween Block Party

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