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NCAA Football: The Seminoles

Viva la Seminoles

Wow!! The College Football game in The US was amazing. World Class quality athlete has already been given a great treat since they were in college stages. I guess this is a very good system where the government prepared the future athlete to still have good education while also maintain their athlete skills.




American Football is one of the most popular sports in the US, it can be seen from such a huge number of people coming to the game and also use the jersey almost every weekend. Usually before the game people like to do "tail gating" where they can hang around with friends behind their cars. They usually bring some BBQ stuffs and chill out until the game started, but some of them will just continue to tailgate and just watch the game from TV.


FSU vs Syracuse


We are lucky enough that FSU OLLI and FFI took us to the game to watch FSU vs Syracuse, well, FSU is one of the best team in NCAA while Syracuse was not that good. The opening ceremony of the game was amazing.. we see a great marching band performance and also great performance by the cheerleaders, also an opening by the seminoles that ride a horse and throw the fire sphere into the ground.


The Marching Band.. Opening Ceremony


We are lucky enough to see one amazing touchdown by Terry Rudolph and such a great passing by Sean Maguire. I also amazed with Roberto Aguayo skills in kicking the ball, all of his kick was very precise. Hope we can have this kind of competition system in Indonesia to improve our status in the international sports community.



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