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A thousand miles food journey…and beyond!

Previously, I wrote about food and how Tallahassee has provided avenues and support to locally sourced food. This time, I would like to reinforce my points with more observations.


Chai Ming Lau

See food, all sea food!


Chai Ming Lau

Local non-profit organizations promoting local conservation

Firstly, let’s do the crab walk towards Stone Crab festival which fell on 24th October. Generally, this festival is a food festival with a small number of stalls selling local handmade crafts and souvenirs. This is the time of the year where stone crab catches are highest and people are crazy over the crabs. What’s interesting here is that the catch of stone crab seems to be sustainable. The best and most meaty part of stone crab is the claws. What I understand is that only the one side of the claws is removed for food, while the whole crab was released back to allow it regenerate the lost limb. Leaving one side of the claw for defense, the crab can continue to survive, maintaining the population without over catching. This is somewhat sustainable!


Chai Ming Lau

Holding on the crab smashing tool. Oh crab, where's the crab?!


Chai Ming Lau

Crab smashing tool with the claws of stone crab

One has to break the claw to eat the crab meat and the festival provided “crab-smashing” tool.

Once the claw is broken, you will notice the fresh bright white, juicy meat. Slurping and sucking the soft meat slowly from the inside of the claw, top it on with spicy red hot sauce, it tastes awesomely good! Everyone loves it. Oh crab, I am allergic to crabs. I didn’t get to try it. I bet it tastes just like chicken!

Another positive highlight is that everyone cleans up the table after they are done for the convenience of others to use too. Now that’s what I call with great food comes great responsibility!

From having food at the coast of St. Marks where the Stone Crab festival is, we went landwards to grassland for some green drinks. No, I am not talking about spirulina or grass drinks nor am I referring to drinks that are green in colour. Green drinks is a social event where every interested individual gathers to talk about green topics i.e. environment, conservation or sustainability. Held on Monday evenings, Sustainable Tallahassee organizes this event with Grassland Brewing Co. providing venue. Grassland provides home brewing beers and they are one of the few home brewed pubs. Again, local products!


Chai Ming Lau

A large crowd attending the green drinks and sharing information


Cheers with green drinks in red cups!


Chai Ming Lau

Mr Charlie presenting on green infrastructures in Leon County during green drinks at Grassland