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What Life is about?

"What life is about?" is a question for which there is no one correct answer. To you, whoever is reading this, what do you think life is all about?

 To me, life is about experiencing something new, something different! There are lots of funs in trying something we have never experienced before.

Having spent the past three weeks here in the city of Lee's Summit, I filled up my life with new experiences and new memories. I have tried new food new game, new massage, new stay, new dress, new drink and new dance.

I have tried authentic spaghetti which tasted totally different from the spaghetti I have in fast-food restaurant in Cambodia.

The noodle soup in a Chiness restaurant is also different from that in Cambodia in term of SIZE .

I have also tried barbecue, taco, home-made apple crisp and many more. Some fo these gave me a "Yuck" and some others gave me a "Yum"! 

I dressed up with the 90s costume and drank a new cocktail at the Boo Ball last weekend and got the rash on my body :-). I also danced non-stop with my partner, Farrah, my host family and all other strangers.

I have driven the Go Karts; the faster I went, the funnier it became.

I flew on a personal airplane with an 85-year old pilot with lot of fun, especially when he took a steep turn!



I do not usually feel comfortable staying in other people's house, yet I have done that for the past three weekends; I stayed with different families and joint them for different activities, and guess what, I LIKE it. They were all nice people.

I attended a safety fair last week and won an amazing prize for the first time in my life .

I rode a bike to Walmart from my hotel all by myself, a little nervous and scared . Yet, I witnessed this beautiful view.

Apparently, not all of these new things have satisfied me, yet all of them have brought me different feelings and memories. I am glad that I have tried them all.

So, in short, Life is about trying something new. All it takes is our courage and braveness!!!


Farrah Inihao

Way to go, Gech! Nice post.

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