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Keep it local!!

Edmund Lau

Green Drinks

There is some proverbs said "think globally act locally".. this is a very good concept that I think were being done in the City of Tallahassee. We met a lot of community groups that are really care with their hometown community, they try to make their hometown to be as liveable as possible. Each community have its own agenda, for example one community would like to have a better transportation system, another community would like to have a better waste  management system. And most of this community group have a variety of experts in their fields.  Then in this part, the role of government is needed. The government always try to keep in touch with these community groups and also involved them in some government's project.


Sustainable Tallahassee meeting

The government could then also manage this different groups so that the development in the City of Tallahassee become more environmental friendly and sustainable. The approach that the government did to these community groups is very good, the government will always try to connect with them to built a strong relationship in order to have a great city. So I really admire this kind of relationship between government and citizen that have a various expertise but act locally in their hometown to built they place to be as liveable as possible.


Friend of Wakulla Dinner

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