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The Little things that matter – Hermosa Beach, Los Angeles, California by Sreymoch (Cambodian)

Sreymoch Bun

Sometimes life turns out different than we picture it in our dreams. And sometimes the reality is better than we ever dared to dream.

We often taught to look at things in the big pictures, searching for tools, strategies and policies to improve our standard of life, to make our life richer, healthier and happier. I’ve been reaching to a point of life where I look at things differently; I’ve learned to look at the simpliest things, from the smallest things, the details the better. I started to appreciate small acts, small words and simplicity.

Simple but effective

Every morning walking from the hotel to City Hall of Hermosa Beach Office (our workplace), there’s a group of Crossing Guard (elder age in their 60s volunteering thier time for children safety and social work) standing in different corners of the street waiting to help kids and people like me crossing the streets to school and work safely. Personally speaking, I admired how they spend their time volunteering and I can see that they are enjoying their works. It may be a little thing to residential but it’s really a big thing and very helpful for children and of course for me as a foreigner who doesn’t have a clue how is the traffic here goes. 

I would want to see older generation involved more on social works so they don’t feel bored at home and they get to get out of the house helping other, make them feel better about thier life and they get to do exercise while giving their service but this is something that is impossible to do in my home country. It’s so dangerous on the street especially elder and young children. We have a lot to do to improve our traffic system. We do have volunteer children from Red Cross together with the traffic officer one a month or one in every 3 months standing at the corner of the stop light and putting sign up of where all the vehicle should stop and shout on their mini-microphone to the driver about traffic rules and how to reduce traffic accidents.

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